D-Link DWR-118 A2 GELAN not working

D-Link DWR-118 A2 GELAN port not working. Any solution for it?
Thank you for your help.

Same here, it does not work for DWR-118-A2 with OpenWRT 19.07.2
FW downloaded from http://downloads.openwrt.org/releases/19.07.2/targets/ramips/mt7620/openwrt-19.07.2-ramips-mt7620-dlink_dwr-118-a2-squashfs-factory.bin
The GB LAN port does not provide link (as I hadn't connected it at all), when connected. Did not have any issues with stock FW on that part.
Any idea?

Additional information: It works with the OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r12726-92616c4227

Where can I donwload this version?