D-Link DWR-118 A1 - problem with 5GHz - MediaTek MT7610E


I've just bought a D-Link DWR-118 A1 and I have a huge problem with 5GHz. On original firmware, 5GHz work well. With snapshot OpenWrt firmware only 2 meters coverage for 5GHz. 2.4GHz work ok.
The second problem with D-Link DWR-118 A1 with bridge/relayd function. Bridge/relayd works but I can't log in to him from my main router (WAN). To bridge/relayd I used TP_LINK WR740Nv1 also and compared configuration with but I can't find the difference. To TP_LINK WR740Nv1 I can log in from the main router but to D-Link DWR-118 A1 can't.



Does someone have this same problem with DWR-118 A1 with 5GHz? Maybe someone knows a solution? On original firmware 5GHz work very well but on OpenWrt isn't.

Similar problem with driver MT MediaTek MT7610E is Asus RT-AC51U -> support for 5GHz