D-Link DSL-3780

This router was handed out by the U.K. I.S.P., Talk:Talk, back in around 2012. It's now a toy and I'm hoping to be able to port LEDE on to it, but is it possible and if so, where to start?!

It runs TC Linux with source code here.

Anyway, using Telnet and a serial, the information I have gathered is linked here: Front Image, Rear Image, Board Image and Boot Logs, etc.

Any and all help would be appreciated. Thanks. :slight_smile:

N.B. I did try adding the device to wikidevi dot com but for some reason I keep getting a 'failed to add' error. I cannot contact the admins there because an HTTP 500 error is returned.

16MB flash
SoC = Ralink RT63365 -> not a single device listed in the ToH as supported by LEDE
Wifi = ? (Can you post the marking on the two visible ralink chips?)

Sounds like a bit of work...

Hi tmomas, and thanks for the quick response.

I've posted four more hi-res pictures of the chips in the same shared folder I hyperlinked to above. I hope they help!

One is an RT5392L:
o Looks like a Wi-Fi chip (from Mouser dot com)
o Possible driver: rt2860sta (from WikiDevi)
The other an RT63087N:
o "AFE (Analog Front-End) for VDSL2" (from OpenWRT)
o "ADSL2" (from en dot mnc-tek dot com. warning: sales brochure; large PDF download)
o ADSL Front End (from WikiDevi)

There's also a Qualcomm Atheros AR8035
o Integrated 10/100 Ethernet (WikiDevi)

For a bit of fun I attempted to do a flash layout, based on the boot log.


OK, what next? I'm new to this level of programming, although I do SQL Server, C# & VB .net and connected technologies for my day job, so a good bit of hand-holding and guidance from the dev community would be very much appreciated. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have found that chip rt63365e is same architecture as RT6856 (MIPS 34 KEc) according https://wikidevi.com/wiki/Ralink
Chip RT6856 is marked as posible to support. Is that mean that rt63365e teoreticly can be supported?

I see the RT6856 chip mentioned in the TOH but no support as yet. So I'm going to poke at this one & see what happens!

I have limited time to give to this but so far - in a local copy - I've defined a new Subtarget and a new Target Profile. I've managed to link them together so that in the menu config, if I choose Target System: (MediaTek Ralink MIPS), I get offered Subtarget: (RT63365 SOC based boards) and Target Profile: (D-Link DSL-3780).

I've also copied and adapted some other configuration files to define the memory map and some other items that I can recognise or that appears 'common'.

I can see that this is more about amending/creating configuration files than anything else, certainly at this stage of the game.

I don't know what the next thing to do should be, but I suppose seeing if I can compile something... :thinking:

Maybe someone else who has implemented OpenWRT/LEDE for a new target can lend me some expertise? At the moment I'm poking around with a stick, blindfolded, in a dark room. :slight_smile:

Update: I've decided to abandon this project, the router has been disposed of, and the images are no longer available.

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