D-Link DIR-867 access

I have used Openwrt before, and I am about to load it onto my D-Link DIR-867.

Before I do that, I wanted to ask abot a few things here, where there is probably more accumulated knowledge about it than anywhere else (certainly more than at D-Link).

One question is about the clock. There is a screen where you can choose either the D-Link NTP server, or "manual", which lets you enter an IP address. Entering an address on the LAN side, however, fails to sync the router's clock to the machine running the NTP server service, instead remaining stuck at 2020/7/14, which implies that it is only willing to look on the WAN side for a time source. Is that true ? If not, how can the time be set, at least manually ?

The 2020 date is well beyond the date of manufacture, so there must have been some event which changed the clock.

That leads into my next question, as to whether there is a way to telnet/ssh into this router from the LAN side, possibly using known exploits, and whether that exposes parameters such as time or other settings, which can be modified there.

eagerly awaiting responses. TIA

It sounds like you're asking about the D-Link stock firmware... the correct place to get support for it is indeed on their website/support channels.

We can answer these questions when it comes to OpenWrt's behavior with network time servers, but not vendor firmware.

Likely the build date of most current firmware from the vendor that is running on your device.

Usually vendor firmware doesn't enable telnet/ssh, but it's hard to know. However, I can't see how this is relevant to OpenWrt (which does have an ssh server active and available from the lan). Further, if you're planning to install OpenWrt, there really isn't any need to deal with the shortcomings/questions of the D-Link firmware.

I asked my questions here because this is the place where the largest number of people with technical experience of the unit can be found. This router has been long out of production and support, so D-Link won't do better than offer a copy of the manual.

Writing Openwrt requires a solid understanding of the devices it runs on, and I was thinking that I would find tinkerers who have explored this unit and uncovered undocumented features and functions.

No intent to cause displeasure.

This is a forum for openwrt, so the expertise here is about openwrt and networking in general. It is unlikely that there would be many experts on the vendor firmware for a specific brand and model device.

Not really. You just have to know how to follow the directions in the installation section of the device page (and of course the prerequisite knowledge to carry out those steps).

The questions you have asked have no relevance for the OpenWrt installation process, nor would they help you with OpenWrt anyway. In many ways, it becomes throwaway knowledge

Here is the device page - you need serial uart access to install openwrt.