D-Link Dir-842 - can’t access firmware upload form

Due to frequent WLAN dropouts I want to flash a Dir-842 C2 to OpenWRT. Keeping the reset button pressed while powering it on results in the power LED blinking about once per second. I'm connected to the router in LAN 1 with my laptop but I cannot ping nor access a webpage on that address. If I disconnect power and boot the router without pressing the reset button, the power LED stays on and I can access the regular start page of the router.

My firmware version now is 3.07TM but I just don't get the basic firmware upload form. How can I flash the router to OpenWRT?

is your PC network card configured with a static IP e.g. ?

Yes. I have tried using Firefox and IE11 also same cant access firmware upload form.

try see here

Tried but not working

make sure the subnet mask is set to

Yes. subnet mask is set to

Meanwhile, we did some further investigation on this, and it turns out the TM version of the firmware uses different encryption keys than the international ones used in https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/pull/3109.

For the TM devices, it should be added:

  IMAGE/factory-TM.bin := $$(IMAGE/default) | pad-rootfs -x 64 | \
	seama | seama-seal $$(SEAMA_SIGNATURE)TM | check-size | \
	alpha_encimg $$(SEAMA_SIGNATURE)TM \
	resvq+8+7/gxmTjaYkZe0DGfprQCBkZl PrKJz6rdgAis1wZS

Thanks a lot to @faiz981219 for providing a firmware dump from a TM router! :slightly_smiling_face:

For those who want to flash their device from TM to OpenWrt v23.03.5, you can use this image with the OEM Web updater:

The unpacked TM firmware is here:


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