D-Link DIR-825/ACF - is it supported?


I am considering to switch to a different ISP. They provide internet via optical cable, and they say that I must buy a router with an SFP port, or otherwise they will give me a D-Link DIR-825/ACF. Well, the problem is - here D-Link DIR-825/ACF is the only router with an SFP port that is cheap enough (any competition either costs at least 5x more or will be turned at the customs as "not certified"), so for me, it is either getting this router or not switching to this ISP.

I could not find any information whether D-Link DIR-825/ACF is actually supported by any OpenWRT release (a snapshot is also OK). The ToH page for D-Link DIR-825 says nothing about ACF, but maybe it is just an alias for some listed revision? Are there any owners here?

You could ask your ISP if using a fibre to Ethernet media converter is acceptable to use with your choice of router with Ethernet Wan port.

Called them. Yes, this is a supported option, they even offered to sell a suitable media converter.