D-Link DIR-632, Realtek 8309g support: LEDE patchset available

DIR-632 support was never officially added, however, a few builds existed.
At some point, more or less complete patchsets for Lede-project were prepared but weren't merged.
Is it possible to merge them to finally support the device?
The device is rather old, but still capable and the work has been already done.

Someone would have to port the device support over to ath79 (ar71xx no longer exists) and make it work with current kernels (v5.4). While the existing (abandoned) pull request can help with that, it can't be merged without considerable work from the potential new submitter.

Edit: the new switch driver (for a single 8/32 device) probably won't be looked at too favourably.

Clear, there's probably no point (except maybe learning the current OpenWRT project structure) in putting so much work by that point. It's a shame since it was so close and the work's been done.

The LEDE firmware for dir-632a: in recovery mode, use firefox 52 to update.
but the device did not work well, without ssh and webui. Fortunately, the recovery mode still works, finally recover to DD-WRT firmware.