D-Link DIR-510L

Does anyone use a D-Link DIR-510L ? I tried to load OpenWRT onto it and now it doesn't boot. Anyone that can help me troubleshoot this device and get it up and running with OpenWRT?

Thanks in advance!


What firmware file did you use?

Did you use the JBoot web recovery method to install OpenWRT?

I have poor vision and I was looking at the hardware page and thought I was on the right line that said it could be loaded via the dlink gui. so that's what I did. After it did work is when I found the device page, and noticed that it said to load via the Jboot web recovery.

I have tried holding the reset button down and powering on, but it doesn't appear to boot anymore. I get a solid amber light from the power led. Is there anyway to recover?

Thanks again

Hold reset button then turn on, wait for blinking LED.
Upload factory upgrade via JBOOT http, mine is