D-Link DIR-2660 A2?

And then flash via the recovery?

yes that's how you use the factory image

The encryption was already figured out, see dlink-decrypt for details on how to decypt/encrypt stock firmware images. Also worth mentioning the recovery GUI from the bootloader only accepts unencrypted firmware images.

Also, the encrypted image must be signed with D-Link's private AES key in order to be accepted by the web GUI of the stock firmware and each device uses a different key. In other words, unless that private key leaks, no custom firmware will ever be accepted by the stock firmware, even through the SHRS format the router expects is already documented...

it depend on witch boatload your board got form the factory
my original dated Jul-19-2017 will only accept unencrypted ones
I have a later copy of one dated Jul-8-2018 that accepts both
I do be leave it accepts any of the boards encrypted versions of firmware as well 878 & 882
I even tested another clone the DIR-1935 firmware and saved the unencrypted version this way

original dlink firmware for the DIR-878 has the extra 96 bytes as
#define PRODUCT_LEN 64
#define VERSION_LEN 16
||uint8_t product[PRODUCT_LEN];|
||uint8_t sw_version[VERSION_LEN];|
||uint8_t hw_version[VERSION_LEN];|
so 1st 64 bytes as device name "DIR-878"
then 16 bytes for software version number "V1.01B04"
then last 16 bytes for hardware version "A1"

so at the moment the blank 96 bytes are add to a default uboot header by

The bootloader on my DIR-882 (and on a DIR-867 I borrowed in the past) accepts only unencrypted files. Also, DIR-1760/1960/2660 uses NAND instead of NOR flash, it's probably not a good idea to mix the bootloaders...

the problem is that dlink seem to load the current boot loader version into each unit as it's going through production
& when we update the firmware it never updates the boot loader
but the capability's & check's of the boot loader are changing
I think is also why the DIR-2660 now need the extra header information
that the earlier one's didn't

I have the same experience as @Lucky1 where I need the additional header fields. My box also shows DIR-2660 A2 but the factory software still said DIR-2660 A1.

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