D-Link DIR-2660 A1 low storage

Just got D-Link DIR-2660 A1 yesterday, but it shows only 23.86MB disk space.

It should be 128MB flash storage instead of 32MB.

like most openwrt routers it's setup to use the factory partition layout
so it's easy to switch back to OEM firmware & work with boot loaders etc
the Factory allocation is set to Only 0x2800000 or 41943040 bytes
so only ~ 40M for openwrt & it's software out of the 128M flash chip
if you wish to use more you can compile your own firmware
I can help you with this if you are interested


Thank you. If I flashed your firmware, can I revert back to D-Link official?
BTW, I just stop using DIR-2660 (and MIR3P too) since there are some annoying bug like ssh over wifi.

it would be your firmware as you would be compiling & testing it
there is risk tho and if you are not into programming then better not
but yes as long as you don't erase anything you need
but part of it is backing everything up just in case
yes there a still a few bugs getting better all the time tho

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I think I'll stick with 32MB flash layout on DIR-2660 (ksmbd instead of samba4).
Now happily running MIR3G with 22.03-RC6.

you can install samba 4 on that device
just select it again & it will install
there is some weird flash allocation and garbage clean going on
the memory fills up but then frees it self
so if you keep installing it & install a bit more each time until it's installed

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These are my package list on MIR3G:
usbutils nano wpad-wolfssl kmod-usb-storage kmod-usb3 gdisk
block-mount libblkid e2fsprogs kmod-fs-ext4 shadow-useradd vsftpd lftp
luci-app-wol luci-app-minidlna luci-app-attendedsysupgrade
luci-app-wireguard luci-app-dawn luci-app-samba4
It takes only 19.11MB. When I tried to install them on DIR-2660, I get an insufficient storage error.

maybe wiregard is a bit over but don't believe the 1st error
give it a minute & re-look at what room is left
and try again
once you have made you user and setup your drive you don't need
gdisk & user add

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The first picture is almost the same, the difference is:
DIR-2660 with ksmbd
MI3RG with samba4

my DIR-1960-A1 "same as DIR-2660 - usb2 port"
will fit

opkg update 
opkg install usbutils
opkg install nano
opkg remove wpad-basic-wolfssl
opkg install wpad-wolfssl
opkg install kmod-usb-storage
opkg install kmod-usb3 gdisk
opkg install block-mount
opkg install libblkid
opkg install e2fsprogs
opkg install kmod-fs-ext4
opkg install shadow-useradd
opkg install vsftpd
opkg install lftp
opkg install luci-app-wol
opkg install luci-app-minidlna 
opkg install luci-app-attendedsysupgrade
opkg install luci-app-wireguard
opkg install luci-app-dawn
opkg install luci-app-samba4

installs ok with 4.2M still free
I have wsdd2 in there as well

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Thanks. I'll try again.
After firstboot:

Setup WWAN to fetch package, then only install luci-app-samba4:

Reboot, install luci-app-samba4 again:

Seems to be working. Thank you.

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