D-Link DIR-2660-A1 Internet Speed

Today I restore back to stock firmware and Internet speed is back to 100Mbps D/U now, If anyone else facing same issue with new release 21.02.2 you can use the stock firmware for time being.

I couldn't put my finger on exactly what was wrong on the D-Link DIR-2660 with 21.02.2 but it was definitely sluggish (intermittently). My broadband speed test gave the normal speed test results but occasionally would throw an error (see pic). iPerf3 tests to the D-Link acting as server were the same as before. I notice this sluggish response mostly on my Laptop using wireless, in fact, not sure it happened at all with my wired PC. I've seen quite a few posts about issues with MT7621 and wireless so not sure if it's related. Nothing obvious in the logs that pointed to any particular issue.

Anyway I've gone back to 21.02.1 for the time being and everything seems much more responsive now.

Some issue with its Driver I believe. I am using now Stock Firmware and getting full 100Mbps in D/L without any issue. Lets wait to see if the driver issue fix.

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Today install this build OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r19481-a5ac8ad0ba and 2.4Ghz/ 5.0 Ghz Wi-Fi Internet issue is fixed now

2.4Ghz Speed test - D/U : 50Mbps+ both sides
5.0Ghz Speed test - D/U : 120Mbps/87Mbps [Upload speed is drop now earlier it was 120Mbps+]