D-Link DIR-2150 A1 support

OK, it took the file:

And it then started router and I was able to enter Luci interface on

First of course I spammed "2" key and it asked me if I'm sure, so I pressed "Y" and enter.

"this firmware is so close to its brothers
my self i would compile what you have
use that it get passed the initial recover image signature requirements
then force sysupgrade to the dir-1960-A1 release
add then manually add the missing 2.4G driver"

OK, so it's working normally, no need for 2.4 driver (I see both interfaces in "Wireless section"?
I will report my experience with it. Thanks so much for help!

The first major thing I spotted which makes router unusable is the Tx Power of the 5GHz interface:

Where in other routers the maximum is 1000mW.

Can I force it for more power?
BTW, already checked different countries and the same power, only 3mW max...

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