D-LINK DIR-1960 First Time Install

Could anybody point me in the correct install method for a first time on D-Link DIR-1960 A1

I am assuming I install via the GUI Recovery and start with the first file and use the second and third from the WRT Gui

Is this correct?


Thanks but this does not let me know which file to use. Also I was reading something about the possibility of having to decrpt. Is this required for this router?

should be the factory image as in https://openwrt.org/toh/hwdata/d-link/d-link_dir-1960_a1

Warning! Be aware that there are multiple reports of the 5 GHz WiFi frequently failing with routers using the MT7621/MT7615N combination.

If you're intent on installing/using OpenWrt for the DIR-1960,
You can use the D-Link Recovery GUI procedure to install the current FACTORY 21.02.0 stable release.

No need to install three firmware consecutively.
Just install/use "FACTORY"