D-Link DIR-1960 A1 Install Process

Hi I am looking to change my router firmware from default dlink firmware to openwrt please. from the videos i have seen online, openwrt seems t have more features and i think will allow me to add more port configurations like more open ports. obviously i wont have all these ports open always but it will save me having to delete and create new rules when needed. I have looked online and i am not able to find a guide on my exact router.

But i see that there seems to be a download for the D-Link DIR-1960 A1 in the download section and since my default firmware is discontinued, I would like to go with openwrt as it has new firmware..

I am new to flashing routers and honesty i dont want to make a mistake and end up with no working router.

Could someone give me some advice please on how to install and get it working please.


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just in case get this http://luckys.onmypc.net/openwrt/DIR-1960/DIR1960A1_FW101B04.bin
it's an unencrypted dlink OEM firmware file that will upload via the recover interface
as the one on the dlink web site are encrypted
only need if you go back to dlink firmware but if it's your only router you should have it just in case


hi @frollic and @Lucky1
thanks for the replies, sorry it took a while to reply back. Ive been busy at with work.. :roll_eyes:

hopefully ill have a chance to try this weekend and post back my outcome.. hopefully all goes well :slight_smile: I really appreciate the help..

Thanks again

See also https://openwrt.org/toh/d-link/dir-1960_a1