D-Link DGL-5500 issues with final release

Still having issues with getting the 5Ghz band up and running. I've had this issue since rc1. I haven't tried rc2 to see if it works there. I've tried kmod-ath10k, which worked in OpenWRT 15.05.1, and ath10k-firmware-qca988x since the DGL has a QCA9882 in it. Both times, the 5Ghz band fails to show in LuCI.

There also seems to be a problem when the device initially boots up. I am unable to get web pages to unload until the device is done booting and I power cycle my cable modem.

I didn't keep any config files when I upgraded from OpenWRT. Am I not downloading the right driver for the 5Ghz band? Is there a way to reboot my router without having to also power cycle my cable modem after the router is done booting?