D-LINK DAP-X1860 as dumb AP

Hey guys!

So i got the hardware today and setup OpenWRT to a point, where I can link in a WiFi Network as a Client and setup an AP. So far soo good. As I saw in the Video from NetworkChuck (RaspberryPi VPN Router) I took some of his options he set up in the wireless/network section, but I don't think that every option he inserted is needed for the X1860.
So has one of you guys some recommendations in some options i should put in my config?

Things need to be done:
VPN Client (my VPN of Choice has some setup guides so i will follow them)

But this piece of hardware seems to work just fine. Thx to @slh

Uhm another question,

can someone tell me some optimized settings for the radios? I have the feeling that the hardware is getting fairly warm...