D-Link DAP-1530 no 5Ghz radio

You "shouldn't" do anything, but that might be alternative options if ssh isn't available.

I tried, but it's not working.

I think my next step here is to try to build a custom image that includes support for the 5GHz radio. I have added a comment for the developers in the link you shared where they have added support to DAP-1325 A1.

I’m trying to move files from the router to my computer. scp is not included in /bin & hence it’s not an option. What would running a server on my computer add? Is there a way I can transfer these files?

If you use e.g. minicom to connect to your device over serial, you can have it transfer files from the device through the ymodem protocol. There are multiple protocols and most tend to be slow (some are faster but not all devices seem to support them).

That's an alternative to scp.

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Poderia disponibilizar o firmware do DAP-1530 com o radio 5Ghz funcionando?

Tenho um igual e gostaria de utilizar com o openwrt.


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