D-link ac1750 dir 867

Hello i have manage to install openwrt files for

dlink 867 from this address

I have installed the snapshot as well as the upgrade..

Then here’s the thing. I reinstalled the files again “snapshot install” being the 3rd install. It was successful thou.

Now here’s my problem. I can’t access the “emergency recovery gui” anymore via even if i did made a static ip address for the router.

What is my next step?
How do i install this luci thing?
How do i access the router so that i can set it up as a repeater.

Thank you.. by the way.. i am a newbie with basic networking skills. But i do understand easily and can follow instructions

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Connect to the router using an ethernet cable.

If you installed a snapshop, it probably shipped without luci, you'll have to install it manually
by connecting to the router over ssh and installig luci with opkg commands.

thanks for the reply.I have manage to install luci but ran into another setback...

satisfy_dependencies_for: Cannot satisfy the following dependencies for luci:
 *      kernel (= 5.4.72-1-e3803e37b53affe6751696cff300984a)
 * opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package luci.

i searched this forum and stumbled on this possible solutions...

how do i do solution no 1?? how do i know which package to install??

thank you

Snapshots are rebuilt every day and the packages become incompatible with previous installations. So download today's sysupgrade snapshot, use sysupgrade to install it, then install luci.

... or download all available packages for your architecture, until you're able to install a final (non-snapshot) version of OpenWRT for your router.

Then install whatever package you need from off internet storage using opkg.

Please share what browser, version & platform you used to succeed in loading OpenWRT, inspite of Dlink bootloader HTTP bug? Thanks.