D-Link AC1750 best firmware options


I'm trying to replace fabric firmware to use an openwrt one. I've tried to install it from the D-link web application but it doesnt allow me to do it.
somebody recommended to use Putty, but seems that for security reasons, D link locked port 22 to enter using SSH

As well would like to decrypt the bin file, in order to see what modifications could be done strating from the original firmware included.

Any recommendations?

Which specific device? Ac1750 is a speed rating (in marketing terms), but we need a model number to help you further.

No such thing. Although, it may be possible to browse the file, depending on on how it's built.

Hi Peter,

its D link DIR 1750 ( that is the brand name and model )
ver 1.02 Canada
dual band
IEEE 802.11ac, 802.11n, 802.11g


That model does not appear to be supported by OpenWrt.

could perhaps be, since it appears to be Mediatek based ...


Wouldn't KA2IR1750A1 be the better fitting ID?

could be, can't check, currently fccid.io is very shaky, mostly cloudflare errors ...


Is there any latest models you personally recommend ?

There are many options out there....

See this section of the forum: