D-Link 820L Ver B1

Hi everyone, new to the forum.

I am looking to setup SSH on my old router, D-Link 820L Ver B1. so I can remote in and wake-on-lan my server at home to use whenever I am remote. That is the only reason why I wanted to find an openwrt to install but it seems there is no support.

I am not looking to have my server always on since its an old machine and its only for testing/experimenting with. It has linux box and has ssh, I can always leave it on and connected to my router, it is easier, yes and I have done so. But I guess with a router, it would be always available for me to remote in just to turn on my server whenever I need it and less heat/processing.

I do have also another router which is a tp-link ax1800, but that is not supported either but I rather use the D-Link one instead for ssh.However, there is instructions to setup VPN which may be the only option on that router which is fine too, but I was curious if I can just setup SSH to remote in without having to connect to VPN and then wake-on-lan my server (and after that need to ssh after). I just want to do less steps.

If you have a better solution, please share.

Thank you

So basically you already have 2 routers, neither of which currently supports OpenWRT?

The best advise probably is, to get a supported device

  • take a look at the supported hardware list and compare that with what your preferred online shops +what ebay previously owned have to offer. 20-40 bucks and you are in on the reasonably lower end.
  • E.g look for MT7621 devices or TPlink Archer, but lots of others are ok too
  • the end of thread What's your favourite cheap LEDE/OpenWrt device? is also a good starter

Hi Pico, Thank you for your recommendation.

I guess I will simply do just that, get a supported device to run OpenWRT using the recommendations/hardware supported list in OpenWRT.

Maybe I may sell my D-Link router and use that money to buy another supported router :slight_smile:

Thanks again!