Cypress-nvram update for pi CM4

So I'm building my own image for a raspberry pi CM4, (bcm2711) and I'm almost to where I need to be. I have a functional device but there is a slight hiccup in the target image builder: There is a missing config file to allow the broadcom wifi chipset drivers to recognize the CM4. I can easily fix this post install, see this forum post.

It looks like it's a pretty simple fix and I see the makefile that includes instructions regarding the updated config file. However despite reading through the wiki on building packages I'm a bit lost. I assume that I need additional files/resources for the makefile to actually work but I'm unclear as to what those files are and where I should be looking for them.

I'm planning on flashing many of these CM4s and would like to not have to do an extra ssh step to get them to base functionality. Any direction/hand-holding is greatly appreciated.