CyberghostVPN and wireguard OpenWrt 22.03.3 setup

Hi there,
I have Cyberghost account and I use OpenVPN settings on my Openwrt since 2 years now.
I would like to switch to wireguard to increase network speed and increase security.
After a long search, I didn't found any instructions how to setup wireguard on my router using Cyberghost provider.
As you should know, actually Cyberghost has easy tutorials to setup win/linux software activating wireguard easly, but for routers you can found only OpenVPN setup informations.
Cyberghost has wireguard capabilities, but how they can be set ?
Does any Cyberghost users have wireguard setup done on Openwrt ?

If yes can you share how to ?

Many thanks for your replies.

If they have a config file so yes easily as the others.

You need some infos like;

PrivateKey = 
ListenPort = 
MTU = 
Address = 

PublicKey = 
AllowedIPs = 
endpoint port etc
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@ninjanoir78 , Cyberghost seems to do not provide wireguard config file, and I'm looking if someone have been found it and tested successfully from Openwrt.

Ask them if they have it

@ninjanoir78, and I will share here their answer obviously.
I hope to close this topic with a solution.

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Ticket opened, let's see what will happen.

What do their instructions for running on a Linux desktop say?

@mk24 nothing more than one command line with three types of connection and a country choice.
As Openwrt requires keys, ip's and so on it is impossible to fill any informations.
Even if maybe a way exist to extract informations from a Linux setup, I would say that Cyberghost team have to share wireguard manual setup, as they did with OpenVPN.

The instructions here might apply to cyberghost also.

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@Smim0 really? I'll try next days and I'll keep you in touch.

Till I do, I share Cyberghost answer received today :

Your request #*****77 has been updated. To add additional comments, reply to this email.

Mar 1, 2023, 9:34 AM GMT+2

Hi Flaximuss,

Thank you for contacting CyberGhost support!

We'd be glad to address your concern about manually setting up the VPN on your router with WireGuard.

Please allow me to inform you that currently, this is not possible with our VPN as we only support OpenVPN for manual configurations. To use WireGuard with our VPN, please use our application to initiate the connection.

I'll take this as feedback and forward it to our team as we're always looking to improve our application and support services. We are still positive and hoping that it will be supported in the near future. However, I'm afraid I cannot provide a time frame for any future changes or implementations.

Thank you for understanding and let us know if you have further questions or concerns.

Have a nice day.

*******f *******a
Technical Support
CyberGhost S.A.

You might need to adjust them though, I am pretty sure you can get the ip address and private key. But no idea how to get the server's public key

After several tries, I'm used to find even how to install and operate correctly Cyberghost application on Ubuntu 20.04 and Kali.
In Ubuntu the app it install but it doesn't establish any connections, and from terminal no such errors to read.
In Kali the app doesn't install at all, I'm not Linux expert anyway and I gave up.

So, do you think it is possible to retrive all necessary wireguard informations from cyberghost app in Windows?

Do not judge me, I tried my best :slight_smile:

I've never seen a way to extract Wireguard information directly from clients such as this.

This information from the company wasn't clear?

I understand your comment and I don't judge back.
I'm trying to find how to and share it to the whole community.
According to your experience and my network lacks, would you help me find a way to success ?

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did you try that ?

I was trying to establish a cyberghost connection from their app first.
I'm trying right now on a fresh Ubuntu, I'll keep you in touch.

ok but establish a connection from app it is basically automatic so it will work but you want wg on your openwrt....

I understood that the tutorial was applied from a connection established to the provider first, then extract all wg informations.

OK, cool. I'm thinking :thinking: :

Do you (or anyone) know how the client receives the config/keys in/via the app?

That's Step 1 it seems.

Logically yes, and at step 5 Armin downloads Nordvpn app and log into.