Custon DNS on PPPoE or DNS Forwarding. What is a difference?

Hi guys! I have PPPoE from ISP configured using of custom DNS (Google DNS).

  1. What difference between my current case and case when additionally I add dns forwarding to the Google DNS?

  2. What difference between using of custom DNS with PPPoE and using DNS forwarding?

  3. Which option is better?

You are using DNS forwarding, on both scenarios: since your router cannot resolve DNS requests itself, it has to forward the requests, either to the ISP servers, or to Google servers.


Thank you! So this is NO technical difference between both cases?


and theoretically, your ISP could forward all their requests to Google too :wink:


Why need single option for DNS forwarding in dnsmasq when we can use interface option for DNS customization? They are equals?

DNS forwarding is typically used for more complicated setup: