Customizing Guest Login Page


New to OpenWRT. Been on DD-WRT for a couple of years. I've recently upgraded my network speed and found myself in the market for a new router. I'm looking at the Ubiquiti route. It costs a lot, but slick. May be too much for my apt. But i'm a network geek and like to play. I also picked up a WRT3200ACM and flashed it. So my question, Is there a way to set up a portal for the guest network? So when someone joins the guest WiFi, they get to a splash screen, that I can modify/design?

Thanks All in advance!


Check out "Captive Portal":

wifidog simpler to use; coova-chilli has more features, but it is almost black magic
to configure it properly.

Or, do-it-yourself by means of DNS


Thanks! Will do.

yes wifidog simpler to config captive portal but now not working anymore may be new version
covachilli is much features but complicated to configure.
nodogsplash is easy to configure and small network is better.

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I have replay this post long days a go but now things have been change wifidog is now updated and working many openwrt routes more than 500 routers. wifidog last update can manage captive portal user auth, voucher, data/time limit and more features can setup own code and manage from cloud support any Linux hosting. I have setup my own hotspot system cloud based called cloudwifizone. It is a good example wifidog capacity is back to our world.