Custom Router - Coaxial for ISP not allowing to use customs modem

My ISP provides a line of Coaxial for the internet. As per my discussion, they are not allowing us to use the custom modem. I have ScreenBeam MoCA 2.5 (help for Coaxial to RJ45-Ethernet conversion with its screen beam firmware and software support). I also have an Openwrt router with an SFP port.

  1. I can not change the MAC address of ScreenBeam MoCA.
  2. I do not know how to configure ScreenBeam MoCA.
  3. Serail Number and other details are hard to change.



[it's not quite clear what your question/ request is, other than stating facts and guessing what resolve you might be looking for]

You have to distinguish between cable-modem and router, even if most ISP devices are all-in-one designs. The cable modem can't run OpenWrt (even if there were drivers for it, DOCSIS requires the modem firmware to cryptographically authenticate itself), the router could. If you're lucky, you may be able to configure your existing ISP device for modem-mode only (bridged modem) and then add your own OpenWrt router behind that modem (and in front of all the MoCA stuff) - if not, your ISP should be able to advice you which cable modem they support (business users tend to need this, so they should have offerings for it).

Just to clarify the different technologies you are talking about: MoCA is for using your existing coax cabling in a house as wired network backbone. ISPs usually use a different standard, DOCSIS, for providing network access. You cannot use a MoCA device as a replacement for a DOCSIS device.

My ISP had to be convinced to provide me with a DOCSIS modem/router that supports bridge mode. Their new, fully cloud-managed router does not have bridge mode implemented at all (and you can't even change the subnet of your LAN).

@slh @andyboeh Modem use DOCSIS is used. It provides all in one like modem, router and wifi. I have Hitron CODA-4582-RES.

DOCSIS Provisioning Status

HW init	Success
Find Downstream	Success
Ranging	Success
DHCP	Success
Time of Day	Success
Download modem Config File	Success
Registration	Success
EAE status	Disable
BPI status	AUTH:start, TEK:start

It is still not exactly clear what your question is. You have a modem -- it is a modem + router combo unit and it cannot run OpenWrt for the reasons @slh stated.

If you want to use your own router (presumably running OpenWrt), you can look to see if the modem supports bridge mode (in which case it will pass the ISP issued IP address to your router). If not, you can still use your own router, but that may result in a double-nat configuration (not usually an issue, but can cause some complications/headaches for certain applications).

Aside from the lack of clarity about the question you are trying to ask, there is also no clear indication about how OpenWrt is involved in your setup. Please clarify.

Can we install custom ScreenBeam MoCA 2.5 firmware that allow us to change serial number, MCA address ?

Any hardware which I can buy that allow my Ethernet router to be main router.

(I assume you mean DOCSIS) In most places in the US, this is Theft of Service. This is because the DOCSIS interface is usually provisioned by the ISP, even if your device is a customer-provided modem.

In any case, changing such parameters would probably cause your device to not sync/provision with the ISP.

Also, its been noted:

You asked:

Yes. [In the US at least] You can purchase your own Cable Modem-only device (usually choosing from among a list of ISP-approved models) and then connect your Ethernet router to that device.

:bulb: There may also be a "bridge mode" on your current device that will perform the same function.

As @slh pointed you, you can't do this since DOCSIS requires a certificate which you cannot (easily) copy.

Where I live: No. You are not allowed to use any other modem than the one provided by the ISP. Based on your previous messages, I assume that your are US-based?

So to sum up: You will need a separate router with OpenWrt, no matter whether the modem device is provided by your ISP or if you use your own. For MoCA in your house, you will need a separate media converter, I'm not aware of any MoCA device that can run OpenWrt (nor any DOCSIC router).

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You must still use some provider supported/approved DOCSIS device. There is no need of any third-party modem.
If the provider's device has Ethernet port(s) you may connect your OpenWrt router either to the LAN or to the WAN depending what you are trying to achieve. Connecting it to the LAN will still allow you to run LAN services over it, avoiding the double NAT, however you will be limited to the address space provided by the ISP device.
If running some service, which should be accessed from outside you will need to ask your provider to forward the respective port to the IP of the OpenWrt router or to bridge the device, in order the public IP to be used, or to provide you with additional public IP(s) for the device connected to the ethernet port.

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