Custom packages in Image Builder

The documentation about including custom packages with image builder is quite sparse.

### Custom packages If there is a custom package or ipk you would prefer to use create a packages directory if one does not exist and place your custom ipk within this directory.

I have managed to include pre-built .ipks by putting them inside packages/ of the image builder directory.

The README file inside packages describes the step for more complex setups as follows:

# ./packages folder

Add `.ipk` packages to this folder will allow the ImageBuilder to install them.

For more complex setups consider adding a custom feed containing packages.

    src custom file:///path/to/packages

Whenever the ImageBuilder builds a firmware image this folder will be reloaded
and a new package index created. In case signature checks are enabled the
`./packages/Packages` index will be signed with a locally generated key pair.

However putting the custom package source in the same folder doesn't seem to work as expected. Not sure how to set the path to current packages direct with 'src custom file:///.packages'?

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IB doesn't compile packages. If you want to build packages from sources you need to use SDK/toolchain.


Thank you @stangri clearing this up. Perhaps this could be added to the image builder docs.