[Custom Luci Add-on $2500 Reward] Easy OpenVPN Interface & Extended Features

I am looking to create a plug-in for OpenWRT / LEDE that will significantly improve the user experience for those who wish to use virtual private networks.

I want to call it EasyVPN and also a web GUI called Luci-EasyGUI

The main features are this:

  • Upload Multiple VPN Servers Allow for upload of .zip / archive files with multiple server locations, which import in a list format allowing the user to click any location and connect. This should have the option to import well known providers such as Mullvad, AirVPN, IPredator as an alternative to uploading.

    • Ask for the username and password after the archive upload.
  • One Location Change - If multiple locations were uploaded via archive or a provider has multiple servers with one click the user should be able to change VPN location desired.

    • On the main Luci page it should list all the VPN servers from the provider they selected, or from the upload archive - in one click it should connect to that location, so someone could easily switch from NL to USA.
  • Killswitch Checkbox - If enabled no traffic will work unless its routed through the VPN. There should be an exclusion option (see Bypass VPN).

    • Absolutely no traffic can leak, but there is a bypass function that you can list MAC addresses such as smart TV’s so they can access Netflix.
  • Auto Reconnect - it should automatically be monitoring every minute by pinging Google and if it detects that the VPN service has no connectivity (often they remain connected, but with no internet) it should try a user specified amount of time lets say default 30 pings before the backup VPN location kicks in.

  • Backup VPN Location - allow the user to specify another location from the zip file that was uploaded such as London or another location so if the first destination VPN drops connection it will automatically reconnect to the backup VPN location if specified.

    • If the Backup VPN fails too it should then display VPN Down Notice saying it failed on the original VPN and also the backup VPN and to check their WAN connection and/or credentials.
  • DNS Leak Protection - It should automatically configure DNS servers to the providers (if known) if not it should use a public, DNS server.

  • Live Terminal View of OpenVPN A live log view of the open VPN process in a terminal type window.

    • So people can see what is going on.
  • VPN Down Notice Show a user notice on any website the user is trying to browse if the VPN is disconnected, and if the backup VPN disconnected.

  • Bypass VPN - There should be an option to allow certain MAC addresses to bypass the VPN / VPN Firewall and connect straight to then WAN (think Smart TV/Netflix)

  • VPN Speed Test - The user should be able to test then archive or selected providers servers they uploaded and see which has then lowest latency and fastest speed

  • Web Button Control - The user should be able to “STOP” the VPN “START” the VPN” and “RESTART” the VPN, it should lock them for 30 seconds after they click one of those options, they can see in the terminal preview window if it worked or not.

I’m able to provide a customised version of OpenWRT which has some of these features built in, it has the upload archive ability, backup server, “is it” online functionality, live terminal, VPN Speed Test, and kill switch functionality. To bring this all into one add-on page, would be great.

I am paying $2500 for the creation of this project, and releasing it to the public.

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