Custom Installed (OPKG) Packages are gone after sysupgrade

Hi everyone

I had installed custom some ipk files which aren't available in openwrt's package repository and installed them on my router but after the attended sysupgrade or normal upgrade these packages are gone and removed how can I store them during the firmware upgrade?

That's by design of how the sysupgrade works - all packages are removed, also those from official repositories. You can only store a list of installed packages. For custom packages, you will need to save the .ipk you used for the installation, there is no way to extract that from the device.

Some packages will require rebuilding for newer OpenWrt versions, that depends on the libraries in use.


you really can't spot the issue here ?

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Well, if you are used to how Ubuntu or Arch perform their upgrades, then custom packages are always kept and not removed. I fully understand the question because I was surprised when I did my first sysupgrade. Only after thinking a bit more about how OpenWrt and embedded systems work in general it's obvious that this has to be that way.

Apples and bananas though, if you'd rewrite the whole OS FS, as openwrt does, they'd be gone too ...

@amirulandalib if those ipks are in som external repo, you could try to add the repo to the opkg repo config.

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I tried to use external repository but it's not a good idea because those have package upgrade conflicts with the stock OpenWRT's repository and btw these repos I used were Chinese so when I upgraded some luci apps eg firewall4 opkg bootstrap theme etc their language turned into Chinese for some reason but the default language set on the system is obviously English

So final solution is to add these source codes to the OpenWRT's package repository so that I can directly load them from there and it won't also get removed during firmware upgrade....

that, os manually (or automagically) install them post upgrade. ..

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maybe those custom ipk's can be stored in /etc/config/myapps ? which should survive the sysupgrade no?

No, chances for them the remain compatible -aside from the most trivial/ shell script like packages- is unlikely at best. It just doesn't work that way.