Custom image with custom config files

Hi all,

I customized my AP with all the software I need, like remove dnsmasq, install wpad and hostapd-utils. I also customized my config files with this being a dhcp client and enabled wireless with custom SSID and password.

Now I want to flash a new AP with this.

So two questions

  • is there a way to flash the new AP with all the above customized software and config files.
  • when I reset my AP, how can it default to my config files rather than the default lede config files.


You need to compile a personal firmware to get the package changes included in the image. Use menuconfig in the buildsystem to adjust packages as you wish.

And you can include personal config files as "custom files". Just copy the needed files from /etc/config

And the same is possible also with "imagebuilder". See wiki.

using the Imagebuilder is easier and faster then compiling the whole firmware by yourself.


@hnyman and @freifunkufo, thanks I will look into imagebuilder and report back.