Custom Image Build 23.05 RC1

Only short input for custom image build would be nice for a TP Link 1043nd v1 if possible.
Which base packge would be needed here and which packages beneath these ones i can see in Software?
Maybe an expample command for Image Builder would be helpfull too.

It's a 8/32mb device

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Yeah i know therefore im interested if there is still a suitable base profile in image builder which i can use to build a smaller custom image or if there is no possibilty at all for 23.05 on this device?

depends on your use case ?

if you don't need PPPoE you can at least remove the ppp* packages.

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Thanks now i found the "1043nd v1" profile in Image builder.

When i try to build i get:
Build dependency: Please install GNU 'patch'
(I already updated all existing packages)

I thought there were already all dependencies installed for Image Builder as i have built many images until there some new dependency?

Are you positive GNU patch is installed?

How can i check/install?

Solved it by installing the "Development Tools" Group...strange that i don't needed them before...

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