Custom files do not show up in staging dir


Maybe my assumptions are poor and this topic gets asked a lot. I have looked through almost all of the other forum posts, but cannot get it to work.

I don't quite understand why one would choose the image builder over the build system. Therefore, I am using the build system and have not tried the image builder.

  1. git clone "" openwrt
  2. cd openwrt
  3. make menuconfig to select target (ath79)
  4. ./scripts/feeds update -a
  5. ./scripts/feeds install -a
  6. mkdir files
  7. touch ./files/etc/config/network (make changes to said file)

That custom network file does not show up in ~\openwrt\staging_dir\target-mips_24kc_musl\root-ath79\etc\config.

Am I doing something wrong? Should it show up in the staging_dir? I am trying to do the same with iptables inside firewall.user file.



build_dir is where you should be looking...

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Files should not be inside of openwrt?

the buildroot directory can be named anything...


when referencing the buildroot... apart from the actual creating of the directory/clone... it is best to use relative paths / assume you are currently within the buildroot...


is much clearer and simpler for all...

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Thanks for pointing out I should be looking in build_dir.

They are there. For some reason I assumed they would also be in staging_dir.

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staging_dir is used for holding the toolchains and host packages used in building while build_dir does all the heavy lifting of putting things together


It's better to perform customization incrementally:


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