Custom DNS server for a specific device ID'ed by DHCP on OpenWrt

Goal: configure OpenWRT's dnsmasq assign a set of DNS entries ( and say) to only a specific device?

Background: I am running pihole and I have OpenWRT configured to serve the pihole IP address as the primary DNS for all clients via LuCi: Network>Interface>Guestzone>DHCP Server>Advanced Settings>DHCP-Options = 6,

For a specific device, I have a need to have OpenWRT circumvent the pihole DNS and use say, google's free ones of

dnsmasq can do it - see

The "tag" feature can control per-host/per-group items.

I haven't yet worked out how to duplicate the behaviour in UCI, though. Over to you.

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Thanks for the tip. I am not afraid to try it via ssh... I do not see a /etc/dnsmasq.d/ however, and this link suggests it to add a nopi.conf to that dir containing the following:


I tried appending those two lines to the end of /etc/dnsmasq.conf but that broke dnsmasq.

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