Custom DNS breaking wifi

Hello, Have been using LEDE for a couple of days with no issues until I recently discovered my ISP DNS servers hijacking all my requests. I unchecked "Use DNS servers advertised by peer" and set the custom dns servers to addresses. My wired lan is workin perfect but for some reason now my Wifi will not connect to the internet. If i reset everything and reconfigure my ssid and encryption everything works fine until I set custom DNS servers. Am I missing something? BTW I am using WRT1200AC v1.

Thank you for any and all input, even if you point out that I am an idiot, lol.

OK, after trying everything I could think of, I got everything configured the way I want and it wasn't working again. So I unchecked all of the networks that the wireless interface could access and applied to settings, then rechecked them all and applied those settings and suddenly it works fine. It is interesting this works (I have done it twice to be certain) and a reboot doesn't.