Custom DHCP Offer based on DHCP Options


I'm using OpenWRT 22.03 with dnsmasq and odhcp. I would like to know if it is possible to make custom Offers based on DHCP Options send by client. I cannot use tag based on hostname or MAC because that's unknown. I only know that the client will set some value on DHCP Option 61 and if that value matches some filter, I shall answer with other DHCP options set.

I read about dhcp-script parameter, but there is no much info, and that scripts seems more focused on doing custom actions on the system after DHCP events, not to make custom Offer packets.

Any clue?


DHCP is handled my dnsmasq, go to the dnsmasq DOCs, see if the feature's there.
if it is, you should be able to implement it on openwrt too.

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