Custom build rom not compatible with offical repo kmod?

Hello, recently I'm following Ipq806x R7800 how use entire area? to mod my R7500v2 to use full flash area, and successful use the space of netgear partition,

I'm using 17.01.4 commit 444add156f2a6d92fc15005c5ade2208a978966c,

but when I try to install kmod from offical repo , opkg always report kernel not satisfied .

 * satisfy_dependencies_for: Cannot satisfy the following dependencies for dnsmasq-full:
 *      kernel (= 4.4.92-1-8cece9aa696af7c1e88bf73a61f5f82a) *  kernel (= 4.4.92-1-8cece9aa696af7c1e88bf73a61f5f82a) *

what did I miss?

I've built my firmware with following steps:
./scripts/feeds update -a
./scripts/feeds install -a
make defconfig
make menuconfig
select IPQ806x
select R7500v2
select LUCI package (which is not selected by default)


No, as far as kernel and kernel modules are concerned, only builds with the exact same code base and exact same configuration are compatible.

You can achieve that by first installing all packages from all feeds (./scripts/feeds update; ./scripts/feeds install -a) and then using a config that enables all kmods (CONFIG_ALL_KMODS=y). Best is to take the, store it as .config and issue make defconfig to expand the configuration.

Does this mean official repo is built with different config or environment ? or the dts file change will trigger kernel ABI change? or
make defconfig
make menuconfig
wouldn't create exactly same kernel config as lede official R7500v2?
as far as I know if we use exactly same kernel version and exactly same config (with same built-in kernel config), we should have all modules compatible , but if I force install kmod from official repo, router crashed .

Thank you, I'll take a try

it works! thank you for this , seems config.seed or maybe CONFIG_ALL_KMODS=y have difference with default kernel config

Every time there is a config change, or a patch applied, the modules will refuse
to install because there could be an ABI change. There may not be, but because
ofthe potential, you can't mix and match.

But if you are compiling your own ROM, why are you trying to install modules
from the official repo instead of from your own repo (or just building them into
the rom in the first place)

David Lang

actually I don't want to 'customize' rom too much , just want to use larger flash. create a official compatible rom would save a lot of build time ,(yes , I'm too lazy to build the whole software repo, even only the kmod part :slight_smile:

Can explain in detail how to set it up? English is not my native language,Thank you

Hello, I've sent mail, with the rom built by myself. please check it

thank you very much for your help!