Custom build, Problem with PPPoE

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Yep, i'm agree.

@pedrohsk1 try clone modem mac address to wan inteface:

uci set network.wan.macaddr='xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx'
uci commit

Is this already a bit advanced for me, the mac addres that I should clone is the number that is behind the modem? What if it does not work out? I get back to the mac address from before?

Is this ?

Yep. MAC of D-Link Modem.

Friends thank you very much for the help, I cloned the mac but it did not help. I did so much that I can not even explain more kkkk. I even managed to make it work but it was not the way I wanted it, I'm hopeless. I just wanted to because of the SQM function, but apparently it will not give ..: /. I put the modem in PPPoE with bridge interface and connected in the LAN of the router / openwrt, because in WAN it does not work at all. I even made the LANS work, but when connecting to another router via LAN it does not pass the signal. It is very complex for me .. it takes a lot of knowledge to mess with openwrt, or I was drawn with this rs problem. Thanks to all who helped.

What do you mean by that? How did you manage to make it work?
Can you please show another screenshot of Interfaces page after making the above changes?

I can not take screenshot because I already went back to dd-wrt, because I was without internet hehe. But the configuration to make it work was only this way, and specifically only the LANS worked, D link 2730r in pppoe with the bridge interface box checked and dhcp disabled + router wr741nd in normal default, wan stays as client dhcp, unless cheated, of this way the lans work, but the wan does not. Wan does not work in any way.

You don't necessarily have to get pppoe working to get the benefits of SQM. SQM can be used in a double-NATted setup like you would have connecting the modem in a non-bridge mode.

I understand mk24, I think you can help me ..

I do not care if my modem (d link 2730r) goes in non-bridge mode, in the PPPoE case? As long as the SQM works on the cables connected to the 'LANS' and 'WIRELESS'. My configuration is as follows: D link 2730r (modem bridge) + Router tp link wr741nd (for LAN) + D link 2740e (for wireless it receives the signal via lan from wr741nd). In that setting you mentioned 'double-natted' would work well in my setup? The router is able to send internet via LAN to the 2740e (for wireless). ?? If it works, how does this setup work, can you summarize it for me?

Sorry my bad english. =D

I see that I would have to have some other DIFFERENT configuration because modem bridge + PPPoE does not work at all. I even gave up.

How much is the size of flash in Tp-Link WR741nd? If it's less than 8 mb I dont think you can use SQM on it, unless you let go LuCI then maybe you can.

Yeah, it's 4 mb, i use the version custom 17.06.1 LITE.

Well configure your D-Link modem as gateway, meaning it should be non-bridged and should be providing internet. Then flash the Tp-Link router with your custom built firmware, which should include luci-app-sqm if you want a luci package or just sqm if you dont want the interface. Then you can configure your router after the flash is successful. SQM will only work on Tp-Link and any devices connected to it, whether wireless or wired.

Is sqm going to work on the tp link even though it is as a client dhcp from a modem in PPPoE with dhcp enabled? I thought SQM would only work on the tp link if they were configured as PPPoE.

The router WAN will be a DHCP client. Connect only the router WAN port to the modem. If the modem has more than one Ethernet port, do not use them. If the modem has a wifi AP function, turn it off. Connect any and all of your wired users to the router LAN ports.

This is the typical double NAT setup. You have one private IP from the modem, and another private IP range on the LAN. Internet should work both wired and wireless through the OpenWrt router.

Then activate SQM on the WAN port (see the WAN physical settings, it is usually eth0 or eth1) All your Internet use will go through it.


I used that configuration when I could not replace the router / modem provided by my ISP (they are usually devices that combine the functions of modem and router in low quality), and it works very well.

Until I was able to replace that device with a Router, which in PPPoE mode is the one that manages the packages with greater efciencycia thanks to OpenWrt / LEDE.
We hope that you will soon be able to configure your WR741 router correctly in either DHCP or PPPoE client, since SQM helps you a lot.

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Thanks @mk24, I'll try this setup, actually it's pretty simple, I'm a user who knows some things in practice but in technical terms I'm still learning. I hope it all right. thanks bro
@xhaka, The router in PPPoE I'm almost giving up rsrs, but there are still tests to be done, so I have faith. What motivates me is because of the SQM function and because of the customized versions, for example made by friend xhaka, which are much lighter than stock. DD-WRT is very good and it works, but I researched and it seems that the openwrt SQM is superior, my dd-wrt does not support fq_codel and other more detailed functions and QoS, but it works reasonably well.Thank you guys. Openwrt has a very rich community and people really committed to helping, in a short time I have had excellent support.