Do you have a solution to make some custom API in REST/JSON for example ?

I would like to make some methodes to :

  • get wireless status
  • list connected devices
  • ...

I did some sh scripts but i would prefer some http requests without password, in order to call then every minutes from another system.

Do you have some examples about this ?
Which language should i use ?


I think there is some ubus<->REST stuff? (not sure...)

You know that you can easily get these information by calling?

ubus call hostapd.wlan0 get_clients

Ubus via http :slight_smile:

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Thank you,

The call from ubus is not really easy. I would like something without user and paswword, but without giving all right to an anonymous user.

A way could be ti write some custom services.

Do you think that we can encapsulate ubus calls in a script ?
And have a call like: