Current status for the GL-AR750S

I got a GL-AR750S and I would want to build OpenWRT for it in order to enable some kernel features and bundle a bunch of packages, etc. The latest OpenWRT tag on git doesnt seem to have any support for the GL-AR750S but it seems there is at least something new on the master branch related to it.

What's the current status? Does it work out of the box when compiled from master?

On ath79, NOR, yes. NAND PR is complete, but has not been merged

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Thanks, so once the NAND PR gets merged the AR750S is fully supported? I read somewhere there were Wifi driver issues too.

No issues of significance. Same wireless drivers and firmware as other ath9k and ath10k implementations. I’ve run both ath10k and ath10k-ct.

What's the difference between building with NOR or NAND?

The NOR flash on the device is 16 MB. The NAND adds another 128 MB.

Edit: There were merge-breaking changes on master in the last day. I'm working on the rebase now. (rebased multiple times in the last several months)

Cool! Thanks for the effort. Looking forward to the merge!

Dear Jeff,
Hello and I hope that you are well. I have a GL-AR750S and I am trying to find out which firmware to install. Has " the NAND PR gotten merged on the AR750S " ? is my main question - Also - is there any chance that you might consider putting out a Community Build for the GL-AR750S ?
I really prefer to be able to revert to stock when I choose to do so. Will NOR or NAND flash preclude that option ?
Lastly will OpenWrt 19.07 Snapshot work with GL-AR750S ? Would you please bring me up to date with regard to the overall status of GL-AR750S on OpenWrt in light of your statement " Edit: There were merge-breaking changes on master in the last day. I'm working on the rebase now.
which is dated August 14, 2019 . Thanks Jeff -

May God Bless You and and Yours -
Always In Peace and Grace

Still no meaningful review of from anyone able to commit after over three months.

Community build, no, because of the near impossibility of meeting the various license requirements.

Apparently the NAND driver for the AR934x was promptly merged, which I'll have to I have now rebased against.

commit 758a4d1766
Author:     Michal Cieslakiewicz <redacted>
AuthorDate: Fri Oct 11 10:50:11 2019 +0200
Commit:     David Bauer <redacted>
CommitDate: Sun Oct 20 15:32:53 2019 +0200

    ath79: add AR934x NAND Flash Controller driver

Dear Jeff,
Thanks for your swift reply - I truly appreciate that consideration. Forgive my lack of understanding, but does your answer mean that I should wait before installing this firmware here:
In so far as you state " Apparently the NAND driver for the AR934x was promptly merged, which I'll have to rebase against. " Once again please forgive my ignorance, but what does this mean exactly in terms of OpenWrt support for the GL-AR750S ? Lastly - is it possible for you to PM me with a link to a working NAND firmware - if you have such an animal. Also, just one last inquiry - would I have to flash this firmware via uboot method or is installation through OEM Web Gui possible ?
Thanks again and I really appreciate your assistance, time and expertise regarding this matter.


GL-X750 is not GL-AR750S

(Rebase done, @blocktrron and @hauke pinged on GitHub)

Dear Jeff,
Thanks again - so I understand that you have work to do - thanks from all of us who have this wonderful little router. So, I should hold up on the snapshot installation I guess from what you say here ? Also, are you the maintainer / developer for this the GL-AR750S on OpenWrt ? So, I ( and others ) do not unnecessarily bug you as you do your work - will there be an announcement somewhere when ( and if ) The GL-AR750S NAND firmware has been merged to OpenWrt ?
I did not mean to question you so much but I am really confused about how to get OpenWrt on this router.

Peace and Thanks

No, I'm not the maintainer. Complain to the mailing list.

Yes, web GUI, including a path for GL.iNet firmware, as well as older, NOR-only OpenWrt images.

I spent days on getting the SUPPORTED_DEVICES feature working for NAND-based devices (it does not on master or any other OpenWrt branch at this time).

See further

No complaints - I have learned to be a patient person. Thanks for your input, knowledge and feedback - I will just have to wait until all this gets sorted out - and I do appreciate your efforts. I will echo a prior thread mention that " it is a shame that OpenWrt " does not respond to and adapt your work in a more timely fashion. Maybe I will complain to the powers that be about that oversight on their side of things.
Much Gratitude and Well Wishes and as always

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Some thoughtful and meaningful commentary on the review/merge process just posted:

Dear Jeff,
Hello and I hope that you are well. I want to get your feedback and suggestions regarding X - Wrt - found here : - specifically I want to ask you about this firmware for the GL-AR750S. The main download page is here : and the firmware for the GL-AR750S I am asking about is the GL.iNet GL-AR750S NOR/NAND found here : - this is the factory img and the sysupgrade is here :
1 - So, if I were to flash this firmware do you think this is a good idea ?
2 - The repo for this firmware is OpenWrt snapshot feed; however, I do not see GL-AR750S NOR/NAND in the OpenWRT downloads anywhere. Is this a problem I should worry about concerning installation ?
3 - All in all why does not OpenWrt have GL.iNet GL-AR750S NOR/NAND available or is this image available anywhere ?
4 - In general should I use this firmware on my GL-AR750S ?
Thanks and I await your reply. May God Bless You and Yours Always

In Peace and Grace

I appreciate your enthusiasm, but I’d rather spend time getting the PR through OpenWrt than review of a clone.

On why is it not there, it can be attributed to the lack of a meaningful process to review and merge non-trivial contributions.

After four months now, there has been a commitment of merge pending removal of the work to ensure seamless upgrades. I have spent two days testing the results across dozens of upgrade combinations based on that commitment. Remaining at this time is reworded commit messages to reflect the removal of the smooth upgrade process and a push to GitHub.

Dear Jeff,
Thanks for your swift reply. I gather from your response that I am best to wait for an " official " release of OpenWRT GL-AR750S NOR/NAND firmware. Am I correct in that conclusion ?
By " clone " you are referring to X - Wrt - and you do not see any benefit to reviewing due to the reasons you cite in your reply. So, I hope I am correct in assuming by your response that OpenWRT work on the GL-AR750S is progressing and you are testing the firmware currently. Lastly, thank you for all the work, commitment and dedication you have done and continue to do in furtherance in getting this OpenWRT for the GL-AR750S available to us all.
Peace My Brother

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