Current state and maturity of the current code. Is there a issue list?

I'm a PHP developer and have previously used FreeWRT and OpenWRT. Have been coming back to the site, github-pages and now the forums but have not found information about this.

As a outsider have I tried to figure out the current state of the project, what issues that need to be addressed before you branching or tag a alpha/beta. Is there a such a overview of issues that need to be addressed before doing so? I have been checking at the git commit and I see a lot of code change but that is about all it tells me. Any plans of tagging a alpha?

Keep up the good work.

Hi @steinmb Welcome to LEDE.

And you have identified the next big question for LEDE. A while back, I wrote:

As I watch the announcements of patches fly by on the lede-dev list, I am astonished at the backlog of work that is getting resolved before my eyes. But with all this change, I wonder if the project will ever hit a stable point that is "safe to use at home", with a spouse and kids who will rely on it...

We all await a decision of when LEDE will be Good Enough to declare a RC1, that will lead to a stable long(er) term supported version, and to a set of predictable release cycles.

I know that the core developers are thinking about this, but I'm not aware of any public discussion yet.

There was a recent note about setting up an experimental branch for the code, but that doesn't address the flip-side, a stable branch.

It seems to me that there are two approaches to take:

  1. Date-based: We'll release RC1 with whatever's working on a specific date (say, 1 Jan 2017)
  2. Goal-based: We need to have kernel 4.x plus feature A, B, W, and Z working to declare RC1

Either way would be fine for me: either is a path toward something we can begin to put into production. (And that stable release provides a springboard for further experimentation: once the base system is reliable, it's more fun to try one single wacky enhancement...)

I invite a further discussion of the path to our first stable release here in the LEDE forum. Thanks.

Thank you. Always fun to jump into new projects :slight_smile:

I am pretty sure that "we" need a goal-based milestone first. Guess that there are as few improtatnt building blocks that needs to be there. I'm fine with a unstable branch for a while though I would help with a milestone tags that people could install/build instead of always chasing HEAD. What I also miss is a overview of that need to be fixed first and why . When I look at the issue Q do I only find a long list of issues, and I have no idea where things are heading or if even issues that dev. are pondering/working on in all in there or these are only user submitted.

Currently it seems LEDE will be following a simple date based release where every X time there is a stable release branched from HEAD. This stable version will receive any security/stability fixes applied on HEAD but not much more.

Last discussion about releases happened in mailing list here
where jow stated what he was planning to do with build bot automation scripts and asked for feedback. The general idea was to get a release by November, but this all comes down to when jow finishes his work on the build bot release automation scripts. So a release will happen Soon(tm).

Due to LEDE's hierarchy (or lack thereof, which is intentional) there is no (and will likely never be) clear goals or true roadmaps beyond some broad statements of intent, everyone has his own (more or less private) agenda and/or can get sidetracked freely on anything (or does not have enough free time to do anything noteworthy for months, like for example jow).
Which is a bit chaotic and probably disorienting for many people, but it is at least better than OpenWRT's environment.
They may not be very talkative but if you submit code they do take the time to review it and post feedback and eventually merge it if it makes sense.

Bugs on bugtracker are up for grabs, whoever feels like trying to fix them can do so. Most are user-reported.