Current guide to get remote access for router

New user here - just installed OpenWRT on my TP-Link Archer C7 v5.

I need to gave remote access to the router from outside world - to grant internet access to my son's computer once he's done homework :slight_smile:

I'm not pro with command line so would like to access GUI.

From what I read and read and read looks like the proper way is to set OpenVPN (some guys suggested SSH tunnel to enable connection to GUI - but it's too complicated for me :slight_smile: )

But my IP address is dynamic, meaning I need to setup DDNS as well - I can't find normal (understandable) step-by-step guide for that... (with my old Asus router I had option to create DDNS right on Asus server).

Could someone, please, point me the guide I can follow?

Thanks in advance!!!

That is correct. By default only http and ssh are enabled ways of managing the OpenWrt and both allowed on from lan in the firewall. The first is not encrypted, hence that renders it an insecure way to access the device over the internet. You could enable https however both http and ssh servers running on OpenWrt are lightweight and not hardened to sustain an attack. That is why a vpn is highly advised.

There are many ddns providers supported in OpenWrt. You'll have to create an account to one of them and then configure OpenWrt accordingly. You can install package luci-app-ddns to have an interface in Luci.


Yes, but WireGuard is preferable due to better speed/latency and easier configuration.

The documentation is here:


I read about differences about OpenVPN and Wireguard and would like to try it.

I can't find step-by-step instructions go to setup Wireguard server on my router... Could you please point me in the right direction?


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If you configure Wireguard with a listen_port, it is a server. If configured with an endpoint_host, it is a client. It can also be both. At least one end of the link needs to be listening on a publicly accessible IP so the other end can find it as its endpoint_host.

Thanks Mike!

But I don't have any network administration experience and WOULD LOVE to see guide for Wireguard like this for OpenVPN (step-by-step):

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