Cudy X6, attempting to add USB Port with OpenWrt

I figured someone here would know the answer to this question. I have a Cudy X6 and still don’t know why no USB port came on this.
After cracking it open, I see what appears to be four terminals that have my first assumption say those are the ones to use, heh. After seeing the WRT54Gv2 USBmod and other USBmods to routers, I figured why not to the Cudy X6 with some resistors on and be my merry way. Does anyone have tips or a direction to send me in figuring out what and where to solder to add a USB port to this device?

On my blog, I have a few pictures and some words on this if you’d like to see more of the board. TIA

The labelling on them is a strong indicator that this isn't USB, but a serial port. I'm pretty confident that P G R T are Power, Ground, Receive, and Transmit. USB doesn't have TX/RX. It has Data +/-.

A serial port with or without header pins is pretty common in devices.


That's a step in the right direction! heh. I've been trying to find a board schematic, might knock on the Cudy forum door and see if someone can obtain it there.