CubieTruck Wireless Network Card not shown

Hey there,

I just installed OpenWRT on my CubieTruck (found in the basement) which I want to use as an portable Access Point.

The Device boots up and get a IP-Adress on the Ethernet Port. But the problem is, that there is no available wireless network Device

Does anyone have an idea?

Thanks for help and greetings from Germany.


Wireless not working (needs kmod-brcmfmac with SDIO support)

Not sure if this is still valid, because that statement seems to be from around 2014/2015.

Hey @tmomas

thanks for this information. I´ve put an USB Wireless dongle into the truck und reboot. Still no more interfaces.

Are there any compatible USB wireless dongles for OpenWRT?

Greetings! find wireless under Network > Wireless, not under Network > Interfaces.

What chipset does it have? (hint: lsusb)

No, I don´t do so

There is no "Wireless" :frowning:

For test I have also insert an USB -> RJ45 adapter. funfact:
If I put the dongle in an "normal" Device the Adapter starts blinking. When I put this in the CubieTruck there are no LEDs blinking and the doongle "beeps" very high (like you know this from very cheap power supplies).

On "lsusb" I can see the Device as "Bus 002 Device 004: ID 0b95:7720 ASIX Electronics Corp. AX88772"

I also installed the USB driver. No changes.


Which driver did you install?

Edit: I just saw that this AX88772 is for the USB2ETH. Fix your post above and provide the lsusb out for the wireless adapter.

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Hey there,sorry for the late reply.

I've did some tests with die wireless-USB-dongle.
If I put them in the Board and do a "lsusb" I don't see any new device. So I think that the dongle has either got damaged (maybe some time ago), or there is a complete incompatibility with th board.

So I decided to buy an new one. Do you have any recommendations for one? - And if I put an working dongle into the Cubietruck, will the "Wireless" point in the menu become visible?


Make sure the core kernel USB drivers (kmod-usb2 etc) are installed. Some routers require setting a GPIO pin to power up the USB port. This can be checked by plugging in something like a phone that charges from USB and see if it gets power.

You should see "new USB device" added to the the kernel log when any USB device is plugged in.

I´ve bought an new USB Wireless dongle. Now I can see them on lsusb as "Bus 002 Device 002: ID 0b05:17ba ASUSTek Computer, Inc. N10 Nano 802.11n Network Adapter [Realtek RTL8192CU]"

Bu there is still no "wireless" on the Network Tab :frowning:

kmod-rtl8192cu - 4.9.184+2017-11-01-10 - Realtek RTL8192CU/RTL8188CU support

I can´t install these package

did you run opkg update first?


Yes, opkg update must be run after any reboot to download the package list. The list is only kept in RAM.

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Thanks, now I was able to install the package

But there is still no "Wireless" menu and no interface

Did you load the module?
You can reboot the router if you are not sure.

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I think so. I also have rebooted the Router. No changes.

I wonder that the wireless config file in /etc/conifg is completely empty. I think there should be the config for the wireless settings, right?

I think you also need rtl8192cu-firmware to bring the card up.

Check the kernel log for wifi-related messages. Running iw list should show driver capabilities, if you get a null result the wifi driver is not running.

If /etc/config/wireless does not exist, the firstboot scripts will do similar probing of the driver and build a skeleton /etc/config/wireless file. It starts out with no interfaces running but you can enable them with the GUI. You won't actually get a wlan device for ifconfig until there is an /etc/config/wireless file built and you enable at least one interface in it.

I got only one Message with "wifi" in the kernel log:
"[ 14.129467] rtl8192cu: Loading firmware rtlwifi/rtl8192cufw_TMSC.bin"

On "iw list" i got this (klick) feedback.

There is a "wireless" file. But no in it. Its completely empty.

I tried to install. But it lookls like it is already installed

Hey there,

i think i got it :slight_smile:

I´ve just deleted the empty "wireless" file in /etc/config and reboot. Now there i some text in it and I can see the dongle in the GUI.

Thanks a lot for help! :heart: