Hi, ive looked through nearly all the posts on here about the following:

wpa_supplicant[1536]: wlan1: CTRL-EVENT-BEACON-LOSS - Multiple reoccurring instances.

Most of the posts say its a Kernal error which should have been fixed by now or the driver, driving the WiFi Interface on the Router.

Setup: 2 x BT Homehub 5 Type A, OpenWRT 20.03.02

The Client log of the second Router is the one complaining, which is basically just a router acting as a WiFi Repeater.

The main Router has no complaints of Beacon Loss, though shows all the acknowledgements of re-authentication from the Repeater.

Whats your thoughts?

Im guessing this is an issue with the Repeater Config of the Wireless. Ive heard of it going to sleep after no activity, though i need permenant activity/connection, the authentication creates High Latency on the repeater end.

Increase Beacon Intervals maybe?
Disable Polling maybe?
Have the Repeater Ping the Gateway every 30seconds maybe?

Ideas and theories welcome.