CSA Action Frame

somone an idea if this action frame format is correct?
I implemented a ubus call to send out such frames. The client devices do not respond to those frames. Any idea how I can see what they are doing internally?


Command is

ubus call hostapd.wlan1 send_csa '{"chan":1, "bcn_count":0, "addr":"xx:xx:xx:xx:xx"}'

use a debian or similar client system whilst stracing the pid of hostapd etc.

capture the full session +L2 with capable wifiNIC and tcpdump or wireshark for later review. ( kismet or similar may help here too )

i suspect your format may not meet client expectations... so perhaps also capture from known good devices to compare....

should be straight forward me thinks....

That is problematic. Typically, channel switch annoucements are packed into becaon frames... :confused:
But this action frame format can also be used.

Still looking for a solution...