Cross-compiling numpy package for openwrt

is there any documented procedure to do this ?

i am trying to install numpy on an openwrt 23 installation using pip install but the embedded system crashes during the build for lack of resources. so i need of cross-compiling it.

i have read some guides on how to do that on ubuntu but could not make it. technically it should work like:

  • on my ubutu install python
  • download numpy package .tar file and untar. cd inside it
  • download python headers for openwrt target architecture
  • python build_ext --include ..python_headers_folder..

needless to say, that does not work ...

any tips ?

thanks for sharing, i am not C expert but i will try to have a look there and report about my experience ... so bad that there is no official documentation on how to do this. i believe openwrt has a very steep learning curve and such kind of guides might boost adoption significantly.

looking at your linked post it seems i was way off with my research :smiley:

@frollic specifically i am looking to install the numpy as well as the regex packages on openwrt so i will start with the simplest one:

looking at their repo it seems they have no Makefile, so i might need to be creative ...