Creation of /dev/input/eventX

Based on Attach functions to a push button article, I was able to bind a button to a script residing in /etc/rc.button/.

I defined in my button in my dts file such as below.

keys {
	compatible = "gpio-keys";

	btn_0 {
		label = "button_0";
		gpios = <&gpio 40 GPIO_ACTIVE_LOW>;
		linux,code = <BTN_0>;

	btn_1 {
		label = "button_1";
		gpios = <&gpio 11 GPIO_ACTIVE_LOW>;
		linux,code = <BTN_1>;

And the simple script I made for BTN_1 is below, which run perfectly.


[ "${ACTION}" = "released" ] || exit 0

if [ "$SEEN" -ge 5 ]
	echo "BTN_1 is pressed" > /dev/console

return 0

Now, I would like to test and try to capture a similar result in C++, but from the article it seems like the best way is to check for the /dev/input/eventX. However I do not see that in my device.

Did I miss something or made a mistake in initializing my button in my dts file?