Creating separte SSID/VLAN so i can connect on TV over VPN, but rest of network isn't affected


I want to create separate SSDI, or create VLAN on that SSID so only my tv is connecting to network over vpn and rest of my network through ISP. So in other words: i want to set VPN on router "only for my TV" that connects over WIFI!

I am total noob on OpenWRT and i have chronic pain and can't read. Could you tell me pls what to do. I already did some setting like year ago, here you can see my setup:

I AM using OpenWRT 22-03

I think it is easier to use VLAN and better for area (less SSIDs), but i have 0 idea how to set this for WIFI

Thanks for help i would appreaciate it - i have chronic pain and on Netflix of my country there is nothing...

I don't know what is wg interface, i did only basic vlan setup and created new interfaces and bridges before and i don't remember anything. I know nothing literally. All i need is create VLAN for my TV that connects over wifi or separate SSID for it. And then set up VPN for that so only my TV connects through VPN. I would prefer easiest setup possible as i have reading issues...

You have several options for a VPN, wireguard and openvpn are two good ones. The wg interface is wireguard.

Oh i can use openvpn since NordVPN works with openvpn interface.

Principal is the same regardless of interface (wg or ovpn).

I will need step by step guide i have trouble reading most of the time i cannot read at all...

I don't even remember how to create vlan and here in tutorial it is not explained for GUI or newer versions

Anyone? I have chronic pain i am going to need specific instructions...

I can figure how to make interface, bridge, vlan from past configuration will have to re-read thread. But i don't know how to assign WIFI device to specific VLAN. Or is it easier create separate SSID.

TBH i realized i would prefer to create separate SSID for TV because it is only WPA2 and it would be better to run rest of wifi network only in WPA3 mode!

Also i wonder: i want to save OpenWRT backup on flashdrive but it warms that it has some properties that will be lost - is this problem for anything?

The thread I linked should be a good starting place. First step to me is getting your openvpn interface setup and functional. Then setup the dedicated and interface and SSID. Then setup your policy based routing. Finally setup firewall. All these steps should be out there in the wiki. You can ask questions as you go along. This is a good community for that, but I don’t think anyone is going to sit down and write a guide that’s gonna walk you through it step-by-step.

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In addition to @darksky's good advice, for the dedicated SSID you can setup a guest wifi:

Do it step by step and ask along the way, there are very knowledgable and helpful people in this forum :slight_smile:

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I have chronic pain 8 years + chronic headaches, brain fog and what not: do you know how annoying it is? I cannot do anything literally... I have trouble reading anything at all even news article i don't even know what i read sentence above and have problem to remember even 1 sentence... When i feel better i might be able to read 2/3 page or something like that! And especially complicated technically texts it is like i zone out and get intense headache blurred vision and what not... I have like wires under whole face...

I cannot find anything useful on google, even if there is some guide. All i could find are console commands but i don't know how they fit into big picture as i know nothing about networking so i don't understand context: I am not messing with commands, configs!

Except 1 i found using LuCi: but it is already too daunting And it is for version up to 19.07 so when something won't match i will have no idea where to set it up, as since previous versions who GUI changed!

Yeah literally someone would have to tell me what to do. Or maybe if you linked me specific guide using GUI from this i might be able to set up these things and then help how to fit it together! I have trouble finding tutorials honestly, someone linked me last time guide for what i wanted to do, but google didn't find anything relevant :confused:

Perhaps these youtube videos may be of help.

SSID and VLAN setup
The Free and Open Source Software I Use in 2024 - Part 1

Long video, good for background knowledge

Part 2 of my Move back to Open Source Networking with OpenWRT, VLANs, and Wifi Access Point Setup

OpenWRT VLAN Configuration Part 1

I have not tried this myself.