Creating image with changed info and new file


Yet another question, if I may ask.
I want to create a new image for TP-LINK MR3420 v5, with the following changes:

  • I want to have changes in some config files, like config/network, to have a changed default SSID .
  • I want to add some files (such as text files, working directories or some links) to the root directory ("/"), to the root user directory ("~/") and to the overlay and tmp path.
  • I want to change a background color or image for the LUCI interface.
    How do I do these changes? I couldn't find anywhere any explanations.

Which type of patch do I have to make to keep that in git?


You can add files to a source-code build by putting them in ./files/ in the build tree.

I typically create an ./env/ directory in the build tree that I manage with git, independently from the source itself. I symlink ./.config to ./env/dot.config and ./files/ to ./env/files/. I believe that ./scripts/env does something very similar.

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