Creating Guest Wifi but it's not working unless I have nodogsplash installed

So I just purchased an Archer A7/C7 for a restaurant for my friend. He wants me to set up his wifi so there will be a dedicated network for the restaurant devices (iPad and servers) and guests.

I followed this guide

I can access the internet perfectly fine on the private network but nothing on the guest network.

Attached are pictures of the things that I configured, everything else was untouched. I'm not a sysadmin, but I know how to read guides really well. Can you guys help troubleshoot my issue?

Since I'm a new user, I have posted the images on IMGUR

Update here:

When I install nodogsplash for the guest interface, the internet magically works. I do not actually want nodogsplash though, is there a way to fix it without installing nodogsplash?

Your Firewall picture shows that you have a rule for Guest -> Lan which you don't want.
You want one Guest -> Wan similar to the Lan Rule.

Screenshot from 2020-10-25 15-39-05


Great! It worked. If I want to setup another SSID that can communicate with my private devices, would I set the firewall to forward to both wan and lan?

Unless you want Firewall control between that SSID and your LAN you would just bridge it to your LAN

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