Creating custom firmware using ImageBuilder

When doing custom image, you might edit the Makefile for dropbear, to point to newer sources. But check the patches, first, if any, as they might not fit.

Guys, you helped me a lot!
I'm just wondering: is 19.07 can be built the same way as 18.06? I mean the same cli commands (except target will be ath79 for a WDR4300 instead of ar71xx) will do the thing?

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I believe the way the image is drawn in through git checkout <your desired version here> it would be the same.

Good to hear this, obviously the tag would be 19.07.2 :slight_smile:
I don't think my 18.06.4 custom files under files/ folder will work though, so a full redoing must be necessary. I read something about wndr3600 wifi issue (signal is approx. 20dBm weaker when using ath79 as opposed to ar71xx, we'll see).

Thank you @warchief !

Still can't believe that newest dropbear is unable to generate an ed25519 host key :frowning: Okay, you won, I have to get an AC1750 and an openssh on it.

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